Sompasauna Pictures

Sompasauna season 2016 began already two months ago. This time no text, only photos.

"Fiskars is Fiskars"

Our trip to the sea.

11 swimmers, two more to go.

Mammoths are useful animals.

Sun is setting, smoke is rising.

Sun has set, sauna is full. Heating at the grill.

We Finns spend many hours in a sauna every week. But how much photos we take showing our love to sauna? I am always looking for new models for documentary photos similar above. Tell me, if you want to be included in documentary photographs.

If you see me taking photos with a tripod, please, don’t stop but continue moving. Tripods are used for long exposure shots (1-30 sec). Moving objects won’t stay sharp and bathers will remain unrecognizable.

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