Sompasauna renovation

Sompasaari is a former island very near the center of the city of Helsinki. Sea was filled to create a harbour so the island is nowadays a peninsula. The new harbour was build couple of years ago and Sompasaari will be redeveloped for people. Still it is a large field of asphalt. The most remote corner of the peninsula has a sauna called Sompasauna. During the last years it was illegal sauna which the city demolished every year. But during this summer the sauna has been legally build by an association.

I arrived about 18 and immediately joined a team renovating the sauna. It was a hot day. Men were working without shirts and women were in bikinis.

Everyone did not knew about renovation so there were people coming to the sauna. They were told to go to the neighboring sauna called Roinasauna. These saunas have no dressing rooms so the girls were stripping in front of the voluntary workers. There were no bushes to hide so after removing clothes their interfaces became clearly visible. Of course they wore towels when walking to the shore. Towels were left up and girls went naked down the slope. Those guys swimming had to had the best view!

The sauna is rectangular like they usually are. The building is oriented east-west. The door is at the west end and thus sun is shining bright to the sauna in the evening.

Inside the sauna there are benches on the left and on the right side. The stove is in the east end at right. Thus the right side bench is shorter and seats only 4-6 persons. The left side has space for 7-8. On the left there is good lower bench to rest feet. Right side is missing this. Recently a 2×4 stud was added for feet. Right side has a large window which reveals backside of the bathers. Nice view for swimmers.

The area surrounding the sauna is all asphalt. This is typical for former harbours. From sauna to the sea there is a slope with large rocks. There is a large rope for helping the climb back to the sauna. No dressing room. People put their clothes to heaps on the ground. During the day a shelf was build for storing clothes. No toilet. I saw some girls going to the bushes, but the bushes are not giving good protection.

During the work I drank all my water and wanted to buy more. There is one shop in the island. Walking there and back took 25 minutes. This included time for shopping and time for a pee behind a birch. Sauna was already warm when I came back.

There were people singing. The choir was called ”Sompakuoro”. They were singing workers songs and also some nationalist songs. They always sing ”Vi blir alla kommunister när vi dör” after The Internationale (Kansainvälinen på finska). Some of them will sing The Internationale in Russian!

Most of the people were young, under 30 years. Men were slightly older than women. Couple of men were much older. All men except one were naked in the sauna. Maybe the one had a small dick? About 30-50 present of females were naked, the others wore bikinis. Maybe they had bikinis under their clothes as there is no place to changes clothes.